Nate Amor blends pop, rock and Americana in “Wash You Away”

Minneapolis born and bred singer/songwriter Nate Amor has just shared his latest emotive single. Called “Wash You Away”, the song is one of many singles and an album this prolific artist has shared this year.

With “Wash You Away”, Nate Amor writes a song all about the many lessons learned from a breakup. From acceptance, gratitude and learning how to deal with grief and heartache, the track is also a bittersweet goodbye letter to the other person. Lyrics including, “I know you got your reasons / I know you gotta go /And I ain’t trying to stop you / I just want you to know / That although we said forever / And it’s the end of the road / That it was worth every second,” show the painful conclusion of a once fulfilling relationship. Musically, “Wash You Away” enthralls with Nate Amor’s signature whisky-drenched warm vocals over slow-burned 80’s influenced soundscapes. Passionate melodies and soul-stirring lyrics are also highlighted in this genre-defying track.

Date: October 10, 2023